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Jump to navigation Jump sony psp 3000 search «Psp» redirects here. 2004, at a Sony press conference before the next E3. It was the first real competitor to Nintendo’s handheld domination, where many challengers, like SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia’s N-Gage, had failed.

Although mock-ups were not presented, Sony did release extensive technical details. The first concept images of the PSP appeared in November 2003 at the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting and showed it with flat buttons and no analog joystick. Although some expressed concern over the lack of an analog stick, these fears were allayed when the PSP was officially unveiled at the Sony press conference during E3 2004. The launch was a success with over 200,000 units sold the first day. 100 higher than the Nintendo DS. 2005, Sony announced that the PAL region launch would be delayed because of high demand for the console in Japan and North America.

At E3 2007, Sony released information about a slimmer and lighter version. Internal changes to achieve this include the removal of a metal chassis which protected against fall damage. On the PSP-2000, games will only output to external monitors or TVs in progressive scan mode. Non-game video outputs work in either progressive or interlaced mode. A new simpler and more compact UMD loading tray design was developed, in which the tray swivels out instead of opening up completely, while the Wi-Fi switch was moved to the top of the device. To address many consumer complaints about the Memory Stick door breaking off the old PSP, it was relocated and redesigned.


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