Super smash bros brawl gecko codes

You need to login to do this. The bad guy’s take on the classic «You’re fired! A puppet that can no longer be used is super smash bros brawl gecko codes garbage.

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In the case of a bribed outsider who was only loyal for the promise of money, this does make a little sense. Not only does the Big Bad avoid having to pay them for services rendered, but they remove a direct link back to them as the master of the plot. A particularly callous villain may also do this to an underling who has been defeated, combining this trope with You Have Failed Me. Then you have any kind of predatory monster who just thinks there’s no point in wasting good meat. Finally, sociopathic villains are notorious for viewing people as little more than tools to be used and then discarded once they’ve served their purpose, with this trope being perhaps the ultimate form of this callous attitude. If the Big Bad is also particularly annoyed by how his Evil Minions have functioned in their role, he may use The Blofeld Ploy.

A variant of this trope is common when a villain who has enlisted the help of the oblivious heroes reveals his true villainy, the comment usually following his gloating of how they played right into his hands. In A Certain Magical Index, the organization GREMLIN tends to do this to its low level members. GREMLIN considers anybody who isn’t privy to the organization’s true objectives to be expendable. In the anime adaptation of Ai no Kusabi, this overlaps with Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves. In Attack on Titan, this is the ultimate fate of all Warriors. It took 4 years of exceptional military service on the front lines to get his superiors to allow him to finish his Tenure.


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